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Varmförzinkad pott förnyad

At our galvanizing workshop in Ylivieska, a unique hot-dip galvanizing kettle renewal project is just completed. The project included masonry of a new boiler and the renewal of the heating booth to ensure high-quality galvanizing operations in the future as well. What made the project unique was the fact it could not be found anywhere else. Thus, there was no ready-made solution for the exchange project. It had to be planned and implemented completely by yourself.

The galvanizing kettle itself is ceramic and is made by masonry from insulating and fire-resistant bricks. The kettle has a volume of 55 tons and its temperature must constantly be 550 degrees in order to keep the zinc molten. A separate heating hood is required to keep the heat.

Competent people for this kind of work, not to mention the tools, are not easily found in Finland. Similar projects rarely, if ever, come across. Every step and measure of the work had to be well planned in advance, which was made challenging by the unique nature of the work.

At the moment, however, the work has been successfully completed and our wire galvanizing side has just renewed a very heat-retaining cauldron, which guarantees an even higher quality galvanization of small and spiral parts for both corporate and private customers.

Recion galvanisering -Zinkbeläggning för små och stora projekt

Vi har årtionden av erfarenhet av varmförzinkning och erbjuder tjänster med snabba leveranstider. Vår verkstad har två separata ytbehandlingslinjer med vilka vi kan galvanisera olika storlekar och formers komponenter med hög kvalitet.

Vi erbjuder alltid professionella leveranser – både till små och stora galvaniseringsprojekt. På vår verkstad i Ylivieska har vi två separata galvaniseringsprocesser: konventionell doppförzinkning för stora delar (6,5 m x 1,5 m x 2,0 m) och spinnförzinkning för mindre delar (0,5 m x 0,5 m).