Site-fabricated tanks and towers

Comprehensive turn-key deliveries

Site-Fabricated Tanks and Towers

We are a major supplier of site-fabricated towers and storage tanks, accumulators and liquified natural gas (LNG) storages in Europe. Our main customers operate in pulp and paper, chemical, and energy industries.

Our way of working is based on an authentic partnership with the customer. In our dynamic organisation, the same people – a compact core team of professionals – operate and develop bidding, design, control, procurement, site operations and documentation, as well as project management.

This enables our customers to receive custom-made solutions in one go. We manage projects from beginning to end with an uninterrupted design and production chain.

We have been supplying tanks and towers since the mid-1970s. Our long experience creates added value to customer investments. We have in-house expertise that has allowed us to develop our own design as well as constructional and installation solutions. We genuinely bring to the table our expertise gained through experience for the benefit of our customers.

Customised solutions on a turnkey basis

We always deliver tanks and towers as turn-key deliveries. The deliveries consist of design documentation and installation including materials, steel structures, piping, instrumentation and insulation.

We tailor our solutions based on the initial data provided by the customer. The basis of the design is the dimensions of the tank or tower, the materials, and the specific requirements of the customer’s process. If necessary, we will consult the customer about material selection.

The timetable agreed with the customer ­– concerning how the project scope and framework will be implemented – is one of the most important factors guiding our work, alongside quality and safety at work.

Our company has its own quality and safety monitoring department, which conducts audits on our worksites. The worksite is the most visible interface for our customers, so we make our site operations as transparent as possible for them.

The continuous development of operating systems and site functions is central to our operations. Every step of the process can be made more efficient, so it is important to comprehensively monitor and measure the steps.

An extensive network of partners working together with our own staff enables flexibility for project execution and management of changes. Our affiliated partners also participate in our site audits and other required quality audits.

An uninterrupted design and production chain

At the design stage, we perform static and strength calculations as well as the necessary modelling according to the data provided by the customer. The design is also guided by the special requirements of the customer’s process and the conditions of the installation site. These include, for example, the properties of the chemical or other substance stored inside the tank, as well as the loads caused by weather phenomena.

We combine all the design and construction information into one model with Navisworks software. Navisworks software is a projection tool for projects using 3D models. The software makes it possible for users to manage, view and inspect various 3D models, project schedules and costs. The combined models are available to the entire project team, allowing effective, non-time-consuming and resource-efficient co-operation and project coordination.

Tanks and towers are manufactured from different sheet materials. To build tanks and towers, we use high quality materials procured from our extensive sourcing network. The need for prefabrication of parts is always planned on a case-by-case basis, according to the nature of the project and the materials used. Prefabrication shortens the installation time on site.

The tanks and towers are always also equipped with appropriate safety equipment: manholes, ladders, handrails and other necessary safety equipment agreed with the customer. We utilise our strong subcontracting chain to manufacture parts and instruments that need welding.

We manufacture towers and tanks of all sizes according to the requirements of the customer. Size is not a factor that restricts our work: every delivery consists of parts welded into finished tanks and towers at the installation site. For example, we have manufactured the world’s largest mass towers in use. We use our own jacking equipment to assemble the tanks and towers.

Quality – the basis for the design

The quality of the tanks and towers extends from design to production, on-site installation and commissioning. Quality is always defined before the design work begins. It is based on high quality raw materials and standards used for dimensioning and designing the structure of the tanks.

Dimensioning of the tanks is governed by EN 14015, and all materials we use meet the material-specific material standards. When designing, we always also take into consideration the customer’s own standards.

Our welding quality management system is certified according to EN ISO 3834-2. In addition, all our welders and welding operators are qualified in accordance with EN ISO 9606 or EN ISO 14732.

Our Welding Expertise page provides comprehensive information on welding.

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