Machines and dimensions

Wide range of production equipment for cold and hot forming

Machines and Dimensions

Our factory has a versatile and comprehensive machine and equipment base to serve the needs of our customers, especially in the manufacture of demanding industrial piping and components.

Induction bending is efficient method for bending of large-scale boiler piping. The bend radius can be selected relatively freely. In our facilities, we have three induction bending machines with maximum bending capacity of DN900. Description on the advantages of induction bending and technical performance of machines is available here: Induction Bending (pdf)

Cold bending is easier and commonly used method for bending of smaller diameter tubes. Our factory has five cold bending machines with wide range of bending tools. More detailed information of our cold bending machines is available here: Cold Bending (pdf)

Component manufacturing from our own stock materials covers wide variety of T and Y pieces for boiler piping as well as hemispherical ends. This enables fast and high quality deliveries for our customers’ projects. Technical specification of hemispherical ends is available here: Hemispherical Ends (pdf)

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Machines and Dimensions

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