Core Competence

Services from project preparation to start-up phase

Core Competence

Our focus is to serve our clients in demanding projects. Long-lasting experience and in-house expertise allow success in the more challenging deliveries. These ambitious projects enable our continuous learning and development.

Project Execution

We have comprehensive abilities to deliver all necessary services for your projects. Our high-level competence in project preparation and administration, site and safety management, design and engineering, procurement, prefabrication, installation and documentation allow smooth sailing for you through your project. Having all this enables full-service delivery chain for your industrial investments. 

In the project preparation phase, our senior project personnel prioritize to build profound understanding of your needs and the project targets which is for all stakeholders’ benefit. We will then further visualize our own workflow in accordance with other stakeholders and your master schedule to enable full transparency between the parties. Decisions made in the beginning of the project also have the greatest influence in the outcome which makes the preparation phase of utmost importance. In order to promote your groundwork, our in-house expertise allows us to support your project preparation to find the best solutions for your delivery, both technically and economically.

The foundation of our project execution is the golden triangle of time, budget and quality complemented with safety. It is as important to deliver the project in time and as in budget. Additionally, we have our own quality team to ensure our delivery will meet your specific quality requirements. And most importantly, in a safe manner. 

During plant start-up phase we will ensure that all activities for mechanical completion have been done to enable safe trial run, start-up and operation, and make sure your documents will be then ready for approval.

Our work does not end after finishing of the project. We will also fulfill your guarantees and serve you over the warranty period. Potentially required repairs will be executed without further delay and we will also support you with additional modifications to your product whenever necessary. We will sustain your product until it has come full circle.

In-House Expertise

One of the cornerstones of our business that we have always fostered is our in-house expertise. Being able to maintain comprehensive in-house competence – from experts to designers, from prefabrication to project personnel at office and site, as well as our own installation resources – enables seamless control over quality of our delivery and a comprehensive project service portfolio. We have the whole supply chain covered from start to finish.

Our service portfolio starts from design which provide the best solutions for implementation. In unison with our project management, our in-house procurement organization is able to discover the most competitive pricing for your solution. Complemented with our own in-house storage of high-pressure piping materials, we can even shorten the delivery times for your critical components. Moving forward, given our own prefabrication capabilities with controlled factory setting and multipurpose capabilities, your prefabricates will be fabricated in the most efficient manner. And finally, our in-house installation resources, supported by carefully selected partner network, offers full scope execution services for your delivery. With our assets your specific needs and more extensive entities will be professionally and timely delivered to your best benefit.

We also take active role in educating future experts to all of our benefit.

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