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Your leading industrial service provider - carries out projects throughout Europe, delivers prefabricated products globally


We provide project management and piping engineering services, fabrication and surface treatment as well as mechanical installations. 

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Piping and valves


Our extensive service selection enables comprehensive deliveries, and niche expertise to fulfill your exclusive needs.


Our solutions for your demanding technical and environmental conditions exploit our full-service supply chain complemented with our value adding in-house expertise.


We fabricate tailor-made products and complex piping solutions for external clients on top of internal needs.


Our extensive certificate base and in-house welding expertise is a guarantee of first-class quality. 

Recion worker on site

Core Competence

Our focus is to serve our clients in demanding projects. Long-lasting experience and in-house expertise allow success in the more challenging deliveries. These ambitious projects enable our continuous learning and development.

Nordic expertise

Nordic location requires us and our solutions to bear extreme circumstances. We need to take extra measures to ensure high standards of our products and work. Therefore safety, sustainability and quality have been, and still are, values that we are honored to foster.